Dogs 101 – Akita

2 Dogs 101   AkitaAll about akitas

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  • bloodtyredeyes

    i was gonna get and …
    i was gonna get and akita but it was too big for me.. i got a husky instead.. going to get an akita when i move out..

  • PMolk

    Nice video. If …
    Nice video. If socialised properly from a puppy, these dogs can be fine around other animals. See my video’s.

  • Lindseylu2014

    i have an akita …
    i have an akita named thor he is so nice he only barks at 1 person that lives near me and he has never growled they are so cute!

  • bitchyb73

    good I’m glad it’s …
    good I’m glad it’s over but it was still wrong.

  • houstexman29

    amen to that.. see …
    amen to that.. see my akitas

  • dagwoodak

    On the plus side …
    On the plus side akita’s rarely bark unless something is wrong, and they DO NOT stink like regular dog’s.

  • dagwoodak

    5* Favorited!
    5* Favorited!

  • scraderz20

    GREAT VID !!
    GREAT VID !!

  • niggaplease20006

    um that went down …
    um that went down along time ago chief let it go

  • rockergal5

    i cant bliv dats da …
    i cant bliv dats da history of an akita no wondr Japanese adore dem!

  • GreenHawk84

    I love my Akitas
    I love my Akitas

  • masakokubo

    lol kid hugging red …
    lol kid hugging red akita inu. So lovely

  • jypeys


  • Queenofcars911

    Great video!! Loved …
    Great video!! Loved seeing my beautiful breed on TV!! :)

  • mojogrl67

    I own two and here …
    I own two and here is some info, they are very intelligent animals and they love being a part of the family unit. They do need training because they are strong willed. I will always own this breed after growing up with Dobermans and a German Shepherd. I love these dogs and the way they are with my children and grandson.

  • bitchyb73

    and the …
    and the holes who were killing them for thier fur!!

  • Annette0101

    Loved it..5* all …
    Loved it..5* all the waaaay!!

  • sk8metalnick6

    fuck insurance …
    insurance companies, they just want money so they raise the price if you have an akita.

    and akitas are great for appartments.

    they only shed twice a a year for 2-4 weeks and then they hardly shed at all