How to Train an Akita

2 How To Train An AkitaHow to Train an Akita – Learn how to train your Akita obedience and discover tips and techniques you can use in this video. You can also get more information on Akita training by getting the FREE Dog Training Blueprint at:

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  • urstruly83

    Yea we have a 10yr …
    Yea we have a 10yr old girl in WV, im in dallas also and want another one bad but most apts here wont let u have them, so im trying to figure out what to do

  • 875jtorres

    Akitas are very …
    Akitas are very strong beautiful animals. My Akita does not like most strangers or other animals. He is well trained (see my vids)> I got him for protection (I live in Dallas, a high crime rate city). DO NOT get an Akita if you are weak physically and especially mentaly. Akitas need a Leader. If you dont lead, they will. This breed is not for all. Get a Golden Retiever if you want a dog that melts all over everyone…

  • dagwoodak

    Also, there is …
    Also, there is nothing wrong with your Akita being “aloof” it is natural of the breed.

    Prevent them from being aggresive with other dog’s and people.

    But DO NOT mistake their aloofness with aggresiveness. They maybe more aloof with some people more than other’s but they do NOT like having strange dog’s on their home turf and will attack if not socialized with other dog’s.

  • dagwoodak

    My akita ALWAYS …
    My akita ALWAYS shyed away from adult stranger’s, he wanted nothing to do with them and alway’s WATCHED them until they left.

    When it came to children, he sat still and calm, licked their faces allowed them to climb and pull on him even though he had severe hip dysplasia.

    Best breed in the world!

  • CursedK9

    omg ty!!! i have …
    omg ty!!! i have been looking for a good training guy for my little baby amrican akita hes 5 wks.

  • nadnow

    thanks for the info …
    thanks for the info …Too bad my akita is almost 10…she’s great , but never comes back when I let her off leash….

  • scraderz20

    very true ! my …
    very true ! my akita is gawgous !
    i definetly agree to the socilising Akitas need this at a young age !