All Types of Electronic Dog Fence Are Quite Effective

All Types of Electronic Dog Fence Are Quite Effective

Not long time ago, when we spoke of a dog fence we refer to a substantial structure raised with the purpose of keeping our dogs within a specific area. Technology advanced nowadays and there are different types of invisible fences we can use to restrain our dogs from wandering outside the yard that are no more depending on a structure made of wood, metal or stone. Instead, we can experience its beneficial effects on our lives as pet owners.

Though they are invisible, the electronic pet fences are quite useful for owners of different breeds of dogs. First, you don’t have to deal with the time, effort and money necessary to erect and then maintain a physical barrier made from timber, concrete and steel. You can have the electronic Dog Fence installed by a professional company, but if you prefer to install it by yourself, this is quite an easy job: position the transmitter where it could cover the entire area you designated for your dog, set the borders of this area by placing on the proximity sensors and then fix the electronic collar around your dog’s neck.

Then just turn it on. The whole installation of your invisible dog fence will require just a few minutes.

Secondarily, you don’t have to bother of disturbing the aesthetics of the place. This type of fence fits like a glove when it comes to protecting a delicate or valuable item from your playful dog.

In neighborhoods where material fences are not permitted by law the invisible fences can be installed. Local emergency services would want free access to different locations.

Third, you have many choices in these electronic dog fences. Choose the one you like, as they are all effective.

Wired systems require wires to be buried in the ground with said wires emitting the radio signal that activates the receiver in the collar to release the beep and then the electric shock

The central unit of the wireless system receives radio signals from the proximity sensors and activate when needed the collar to deliver aversive stimuli to the dog.

GPS-based systems are becoming popular since these allow for faster and easier installation of the fence since the unit can be placed the designated area sans the physical effort required to install the wires or the central unit

Compared to a traditional fence, the electronic dog fence will not give your dog the occasion of escaping through the opened gate or by jumping over it, and to face various risks outside, like car accidents, animal fights, getting lost and so other. This is because your dog will soon learn that the avoidance of a certain area will mean averting the onset of the unpleasant sensations that comes with the loud beep and the electric shock that will soon follow if he so much as continues with his course of action.

You will benefit in the form of greater peace of mind as well as lower costs in getting your dog to the veterinary clinic. Moreover, you will not be involved as dog owner in the injuries your dog could do to strangers walking on the street.

Don’t worry about the shocks given by the collar in the Dog Fence, they are painless as you can test by yourself. They are mild intensity shocks that can be adjusted according to your requirements.

Installing an electronic Dog Fence is quite a simple job. You have three main alternatives of electronic dog fences. Don’t worry about the shocks given by the collar in the Dog Fence.

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